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When Will Restrictions Be Lifted

When will the restrictions be lifted? When will it be allowed to enter or exit Tbilisi?

  • Unrestricted entry to and exit from Tbilisi will be allowed from 11 May 2020;
  • Unrestricted entry to and exit from Rustavi and Gardabani municipalities will be allowed from 14 May 2020;
  • Unrestricted entry to and exit from Marneuli will be allowed from 18 May 2020;
  • All types of enterprises as well as retail and wholesale stores that can be accessed directly from the street will reopen from 11 May, except for apparel and shoe stores, and shopping malls.

The following will remain in force until further notice:

  •          Curfew from 9:00 PM to 6.00 AM;
  •          Prohibition on the use of front seat in a car and transportation of more than three passengers;
  •          Rules of observing a physical distance and wearing a mask; 
  •          Restriction on assemblies and manifestations as well as social events and gatherings;