Tolerance and Diversity Institute

TDI condemns Alt-Info's threats against Samira Bayramova

The civic activist Samira Bayramova has become the victim of violent threats by pro-Russian violent criminal group Alt-info.

On 14 March, Samira Bayramova expressed her peaceful civic protest against Alt-info opening their office in her hometown Marneuli and their Kremlist aggressive politics. Samira painted Ukraine and EU flags on the exterior of the Alt-info office. Following this peaceful protest, Samira became the target of violent threats. Recently the criminal Alt-info publicly threatened other citizens and activists too, who protested opening offices by them in various towns of Georgia, including in Khulo, Mestia, Ozurgeti, Kobuleti, etc.

Alt-info, which recently managed to register as a political party, is an instrument of Russia’s aggressive propaganda in Georgia. They oppose democratic and human rights principles, Georgia’s sovereignty, and Euro-Atlantic integration. The mob violence against civil society and journalists organized and executed by this criminal group on 5 July 2021 remains unpunished. None of the organizers and leaders of this group are brought to justice. On the contrary, the group did not have any impediment to form the political party and to start dozens of offices in all regions of Georgia. We are confident that the threats coming from the organizers of the July 5 violence are real and dangerous.

We call on the government of Georgia to:

  • Immediately investigate and prevent each threat against Samira Bayramova and other activists

  • To prevent the activities of the criminal group Alt-info and to bring their leaders to criminal justice

Tolerance and Diversity Institute expresses its full support and solidarity towards Samira Bayramova and all citizens, activists and journalists who have become victims of pro-Russian violent group Alt-info.