Tolerance and Diversity Institute


Batumi: Meeting between the political parties and religious communities

On 22 November, TDI organized a working meeting between the representatives of political parties in Achara and local religious communities. 

The goal of the meeting was to discuss the issues related to the protection of freedom of religion and belief, rights of religious minorities, and discrimination in Georgia, to facilitate dialogue at the local level between the political parties and religious communities, to increase interest among the political parties on the advocacy for religious minority rights and equality issues, to familiarize politicians with the needs of religious communities and to encourage reflection of these needs in the political parties’ programs and work. 

The representatives of diverse religious communities shared with the politicians the general and specific challenges they face regarding enjoying freedom of religion and equality in Georgia. The discussion between the parties turned out to be thought-provoking. 

TDI has been actively meeting with the leaders of various political parties, sharing information on the freedom of religion and belief situation in Georgia, and listening to the politicians’ visions on these topics. At the same time, TDI supports the dialogue between the religious communities and the political parties. Besides the meeting in Batumi, TDI plans to organize similar formats in other regions and Tbilisi. 

TDI’s advocacy meetings on freedom of religion and the rights of religious minorities are held with the support of USAID’s Unity Through Diversity Program.