Tolerance and Diversity Institute


TDI Lawyers Hindered while Performing their Professional Duties in Adigeni Village

Tolerance and Diversity Institute (TDI) is studying the facts of violence against Muslims and the existing situation in Adigeni village. Currently TDI lawyers are at the place of the incident. They are interviewing the victims and providing legal aid for them.

Today, when TDI lawyers were visiting one of the victims at his home, three Orthodox persons aggressively intruded into the house. They were irritated by TDI lawyers’ presence there. As they stated “the village will ensure justice itself”. Soon the police were called and they made intruders leave the place.

One of TDI lawyers is attending the questioning of victims at Adigeni police department while the other is collecting the explanations from the witnesses. TDI representatives are staying in Adigeni village. TDI will permanently update the information about the situation.

On February 29, 2016, three representatives of Muslim community were verbally and physically insulted. According to Muslims, they were attacked by local Orthodox Christians. The conflict was incited after the discussion about allocating a separate territory for Muslims’ cemetery.

It should be noted, that since 2012, there have been a number of facts of persecution, obstruction of performing religious rituals and violation of Muslims’ rights (Nigvziani, Tsintskaro, Samtatskaro, Chela, Kobuleti, Mokhe) in Georgia. The State has not responded to these facts adequately and none of the persons were considered responsible for these actions.