Tolerance and Diversity Institute


Rustavi 2 Satisfies Complaint of NGOs to Self-Regulatory Body

Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company self-regulatory body has satisfied the complaint lodged by the Union of Muslims of Georgia, Media Development Fund (MDF) and Tolerance and Diversity Institute (TDI).  NGOs appealed to the self-regulatory body for 6 April video-report of P.S. program about construction of a mosque in Adjara. 

According to the complaint P.S. TV report has violated 5 norms of the Code of Conduct of Broadcasters.

On 29 May review of complaint was held and besides members of self-regulation commission the hearing was attended by the interested parties.

The decision of Rustavi 2 self-regulatory body states that aim of journalist or of P.S. program was not to mislead viewers or to make incorrect statement about minorities, which is confirmed by general balance of the report and journalist's attempt to circulate opinions of all interested persons. 

Despite that the self-regulatory satisfied the statement and P.S. editorial board has been recommended to especially carefully approach making of reports on religious minorities.  "There may be certain defects in the report of dispute, although this should not be counted as biased position of a journalist, as disputable phrases are result of carelessness," the broadcaster clarified.