Tolerance and Diversity Institute

TDI: Georgia is at a critical crossroads

Today Georgia is at a critical crossroads where the choice is only between freedom and authoritarianism. In this historical moment of Eurointegration for our country, the government of Georgia betrayed the firm will of the Georgian people, the Constitution, and the idea of freedom. 

By oligarchic rule and authoritarian inclinations, ruining democratic institutions and values, ignoring human rights, persecuting opposition, media and civil society, violence against minorities, abolishing justice, the endless propaganda of hatred and constant obstruction against the Western allies - the Government distanced Georgia from its European identity and pulled closer to Russia. 

Historically and culturally, Georgia is part of the European family. Distancing from this family means denial of own identity, more poverty, more oppression, deprivation of liberty, and vanishing the diverse and democratic society. 

In such circumstances, Georgia’s friends and international partners see the hope in the will of the diverse Georgian society and thereby are granting the European perspective to the Georgian people. 

Protection of the human and the country’s dignity, promotion of freedom and equality, and contribution to building a state based on these values have always been TDI’s aim. 

We think that now it is the primary obligation of each citizen, politician, media, public servant and any freedom-loving human to persistently protect the constitutional will of the Georgian people, to protect the European and democratic Georgia and not to allow our return in the Russian sphere of influence.