Tolerance and Diversity Institute

Current Projects


  • Images of Diversity: Promoting Tolerance and Non-Discrimination in Georgia

The Project Objectives: The project aims to raise public awareness about discrimination problems faced by religious and ethnic minorities, as well as foreign nationals residing in Georgia, and to empower representatives of minority groups through the online platform Images of Diversity. For public awareness purposes, TDI develops multimedia products, such as graphic videos, articles and other educational materials demonstrating the ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity of Georgia. Products are used for awareness-raising purposes at the presentations and events that the organization conducts in Tbilisi and regions.

Implementation Dates: February 2021- July 2021

Donor: USAID / PROLoG 

Project Budget: $23,517


  • Enhancing the Capacity and Knowledge of media on Migration 

The project aims to build media capacity and sensitize Georgian students of journalism about the issues related to the acceptance of foreign nationals, their social and political rights, provide background information about migrants and asylum seekers, and in general, culture and migration as a phenomenon.

Implementation Dates: February 2021 - September 2021 

Donor: International Organization for Migration (IOM) 

Project Budget: $24,828 


  • The Counternarratives of the Populist Groups in Georgia

The Project Objectives: The aim of the project is to produce the counter-narratives of the populist, xenophobic groups in Georgia and show the convergence between the modern human rights discourse and Georgian cultural traditions.

Implementation Dates: October 2020 – July 2021

Donor: Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)

Project Budget: $ 24,404


  • Combating Discrimination on Religious, Ethnic and Racial Grounds through Strategic Litigation

The project aims to combat discrimination on religious, ethnic, and racial grounds. TDI advocates freedom of religion and belief for all, protects the rights of discriminated religious organizations/individuals, ethnic minorities, and foreign nationals/migrants. The strategic advocacy and litigation include litigations at common courts, Constitutional Court, and ECtHR, advocacy with various government institutions, and the Parliament of Georgia. In the frame of the project, TDI prepares the Study of Racial Profiling in Georgia to identify the discriminatory police practices towards ethnic minorities and migrants. 

Implementation Dates: April 2020 - July 2021 

Donor: USAID / PROLoG 

Project budget: 62,727 USD